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This site contains articles, written by inmates in the Nebraska Department of Corrections, about issues related to Nebraska's criminal justice and prison systems. These articles contain facts and opinions that the public rarely sees in traditional media sources.

Since April 12, 2000 Last updated: 02/24/2018

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Date First
Article Title Click on article title to read
02/24/2018Shooting While Black
10/17/2017Recidivism vs. Public Safety
01/16/2016Double Jeopardy
10/05/2014The Secret Return of the MALICE Monster
07/09/2014Taypayer Alert
01/09/2010Other Death Penalty
09/20/2009Nebraska Elected Officials, Friend or Foe of Nebraska Veterans?
12/30/2008 Eating The Innocent
08/08/2008An Impeachable Offense
03/19/2008Decision From Marrs
02/05/2008Open Letter to Governor Heineman and Attorney General Bruning
01/26/2008Parole Eligibility for Lifers
10/08/2007Pardons and Life Sentences for Minors
01/08/2007Too Bad About State v. Marrs -The Supreme Court Undermines Legislation
11/01/2006The Meaning of Life -What is a Life Sentence in Nebraska?
04/08/2000Nebraska's "Malice" Problem Updated: 04/30/2003

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