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This website was created and is maintained by www.nebraskapen.org, a group of citizens concerned about inmates first amendment rights. This site is provided as a forum for inmates to provide their insights, opinions, and experience to a world that is rarely given the other side of the story. If you would like to join or help us please see the "Please Help" section. We welcome your comments.

PURPOSE: "Ignorance is the Tool of Evil."

The purpose of this website is to educate the public about legal and correctional issues by presenting the facts, arguments, and viewpoints of the inmates that local media and "experts" fail to make available for whatever reason, to the public in general. By presenting opposing facts and correcting obvious errors of the media and courts, an ignorant public can be educated to understand the positions of inmates and others opposed to the "status quo" (for lack of a better description).


The scope of this website will be articles written by the inmates that refer to media accounts, court decisions, legislative actions, or other government actions, and present opposing viewpoints by refering to other available documented facts and providing opposing analysis with the purpose of educating the public in mind. Priority will be given to those items that educate the public about the tools that are available to them on the outside to educate themselves on the issues without having to rely upon what the government of experts tells them to believe through the media. The website is not a forum for inmates to "whine" about being incarcerated. We emphasize bringing documented facts to the attention of the public that explain a different point of view. We describe this as "why-ning" vs. "Whining." The opinions in the articles are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the organization or any of its members.

Copyright Notice

All material sent to us by inmates is copyrighted by the organization, www.nebraskapen.org. Other copyrighted material that is contained on this website is provided under the "fair use" provision of 17 U.S.C. §107. To duplicate those materials outside a "fair use" context you should obtain permission of the copyright holder listed in the article.

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