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Nebraskans For Prison Reform--facebook
Nebraskans For Prison Reform--twitter

Nebraskans For Prison Reform has an active following on twitter and facebook. They also host webinars with activists and topical experts.


Families Against Mandatory Minimums
A Washington D. C. based organization whose mission is to abolish harsh and unjust mandatory sentencing laws and restore judicial discretion to fit the punishment to the crime.

Prison Legal News

Prison Legal News is a newsletter and website by inmates and volunteers in Washington state. This is one of the best sources of information about prison conditions and court cases about those conditions.

Nolo Press's Laymen's Guide to the Law

Nolo Press is the leading publisher of self-help law books and software. Based in California, they have been sued by the Texas Bar Association because the Texas lawyers claim their books and website give out legal advice. Obviously they must be doing something right!


A Beginner's Guide to the Courts and the Law
A Florida based website that gives an excellent explanation of the legal process in general in simple terms that anyone can understand and learn from.


Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization
I.F.C.O. is an ecumenical agency whose mission is to help forward the struggles of oppressed people for justice and self-determination. This 30-year old organization is committed to community organizing as a way to address various social problems.

The First Amendment Center

The First Amendment Center is a program of the Freedom Forum whose mission is to foster public understanding of and appreciation for First Amendment rights and values. The Center was established at Vanderbilt University on the 200th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights.

Family & Corrections Network (invalid link)

FCNetwork is for and about families of offenders. They offer information on children of prisoners, parenting programs for prisoners, prison visiting, incarcerated fathers and mothers, hospitality programs, keeping in touch, returning to the community, the impact of the justice system on families, and prison marriage. This web site is provided by Family and Corrections Network (FCN), publisher of the FCM Report, the only national publication devoted to families of offenders.

Free The Innocent (invalid link)

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping those wrongly accused and/or convicted of crimes. Their goal is not only to help those in need but also to educate the general public with regard tohow the legal system is designed to work, and how it is possible for someone who is innocent to be convicted. Their website is http://www.freetheinnocent.org.


A non-profit nationwide organization dedicated to the reduction of crime through the reform of the criminal justice system. A prison and jail reform advocacy group headquartered in Washington, DC with chapters or affiliates in most states of the union. Nebraska's chapter is Nebraska-Cure, P O Box 6624, Lincoln, NE 68506

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