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11/01/2006No On Amendment Four
02/14/2006Nebraska's Parole Lottery
11/05/2005An Open Letter to Sen. Beutler
10/08/2005As Much Medical As You Can Afford
04/05/2004Corrections Business as Usual: Part II
02/16/2004Corrections Business as Usual: Part I
01/17/2004 Death Sentence: By Corrections, not Court Ordered
05/28/2003Playing Chicken with Corrections
04/30/2003Apprendi v. New Jersey -An Update to "The Malice Problem"
03/29/2003Crime and Punishment
03/22/2003Amnesty Around The Globe
09/27/2002Honors Among Thieves
08/01/2002An "I" For An Eye
07/02/2002Don't Let Those Cats Out of The Bag
03/29/2003The Lying Lord and the Murderous Judge
11/11/2000 Justice vs. Prejudice and Greed, etc.
10/27/2000Self Education/Rehabilitation, Does it Really Exist?
07/21/2000Darkside of 21st Century Telecommunications in Nebraska
07/17/2000Transformation of Violence
02/16/2000 Death Penalty in Nebraska
12/14/1999The Inside Story on Inmate Medical Care
11/01/1999Prisoners: Good News or Bad News

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